Biomass Systems

CHP Mechanical Services take great pride in the knowledge that all products used in our installations are of the highest quality hence the choice of the manufacturer Herz which offers a range of boilers to cover both the domestic and commercial markets. The Herz range utilises the latest in Austrian technology and has been continuously active in the market since 1896. The company is proud of its focus on “modern, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly heating systems with the highest levels of comfort and convenience as well as being user friendly.” By selecting a Herz system customers are achieving a balance between quality, cost and sophistication.

Biomass systems (or Wood Pellet/Wood Chip Boiler) can reduce your heating bills by up to 40% against gas and oil. They are an economical way of heating your home with efficiency in excess of 90%. The boiler is a fully modulating boiler which burns wood pellets. The pellets are normally delivered in bulk and blown in to your pellet store, they are then transferred by an auger to the boiler.

The boiler operates on a time clock just the same as your oil or gas boiler, so you do not need to do anything more than you do with oil or gas with the exception of emptying the ash pan every 4 – 5 weeks, although de-ashing is available on all our boilers at an additional cost.

For Domestic Installations: some of the considerations you must make when purchasing a wood pellet boiler are:

•Have I got space for a 2.4m2 pellet store beside the proposed boiler location?
•Will the pellet delivery lorry get within 15m of my pellet store?
•Is the entrance to my property large enough to allow the pellet delivery lorry access? (Typical size of an oil tanker).


Benefits of a wood pellet boiler include:

•Carbon neutral
•Reduce heating bills by up to 40%
•Grant aid available pending Renewable Heat Incentive
•More stable fuel prices than oil or gas
•Fully modulating boiler






Wood Pellet Boiler (10-60 kW)

The Pelletstar range uses the latest in Austrian technology to provide a sophisticated and efficient solution for customers requiring capacities in the range of 10-60kW. All five models in the range offer automatic cleaning, an easy to use controller for heating and hot water and an efficient Lambda probe technology to save on fuel consumption.

Pelletstar installation can be tailored to the client’s individual needs. They offer a range of solutions for smaller commercial buildings, schools, hotels and residential dwellings. Pelletstar biomass boilers are exempt from the Clean Air Act 1993 and can be installed in smokeless zone areas.





Wood Pellet/Wood Chip Boiler (20 – 499 kW)

Advantages of HERZ Firematic:

• Energy-saving drive technology
• Simple operation
• Consistently high efficiency factor
• Compact design
• Constructed from high quality materials

Automatic cleaning …

• Of the combustion grate
• Of the vertical pipe heat exchanger
• Automatic de-ashing of the combustion and fly ash in to an easily accessible ash bin

The Innovative technology of HERZ FireMatic:

Parts description:

1. Intermediate container with infrared light barrier system (removes the need for mechanical level control)
2. BBP (back burn protection device; flap), BBI (back burn inhibit device; sprinkler system)
3. BioControl 3000 control, central control unit
4. Automatic ignition using hot air fans
5. Step moving grate with automatic cleaning
6. Split 2-zone combustion chamber
7. Pipe heat exchanger with turbulators and automatic cleaning
8. Lambda probe control, automatic flue and combustion monitoring
9. Draught fan speed controlled and monitored for the highest operating safety
10. Ash discharge screws for combustion and fly ash
11. Two front ash boxes
12. Efficient heat insulation for the lowest radiated heat loss






Wood Pellet/Wood Chip Boiler (54– 500 kW)

BioMatic boilers are one of the most compact biomass systems available on the market and have the smallest carry-in dimensions of equivalent systems. All six models in the range have a compact modular design allowing for fast installation, and in most cases, the boiler can be installed into existing oil or gas plant rooms. BioMatic systems are automatically cleaned during. Operation is controlled automatically with BioControl 3000, providing ease of use. Combustion and emissions can be optimised and controlled using the installed Lambda Probe which continuously monitors exhausts and fuel qualities. Installations can be tailored to individual needs with a range of solutions for large buildings such as hospitals and hotels, as well as housing estate projects and wood-manufacturing plants.

The Innovative technology of HERZ BioMatic:


Parts description:

1. Combustion chamber module
2. Heat exchanger module
3. Integrated control BioControl 3000
4. Intermediate hopper
5. Removable stoker screw
6. Automatic ignition using hot air blowers
7. Combustion chamber with automatic combustion cleaning (vibrating plate)
8. Split 2-zone –secondary air ring
9. Standing pipe heat exchanger with integrated turbulators and cleaning mechanism
10. Automatic exhaust and combustion monitoring via lambda probe control
11. Variable speed induced draught fan with combustion chamber under pressure control
12. Ash discharge screws for combustion ash
13. Ash discharge screw for fly ash
14. Fly ash container
15. Flow connection
16. Return connection





Wood Pellet/Wood Chip Boiler (150 – 1500 kW)

BioFire is the answer for large properties.
The option of cascade connection enables projects of up to 2.000kW to be implemented.
Advantages of HERZ Biofire
• Boilers in modular design
• Fast installation due to completely pre-assembled modules
• Low thermal mass (water cooled combustion chamber instead of fireclay) and therefore fast availability of heat
• High power to mass ratio and extremely compact design
• Step grate with 2 controllable zones
• Automatic cleaning of the combustion chamber and the pipe heat exchanger
• Suitable for 6 bar operating pressure
• Option of automatic ash discharge into external containers
HERZ BioFire – can be used individually in…
• Large buildings: Hospitals, schools, public buildings, etc.
• Hotel complexes: Heating buildings as well as heating for swimming pools, fitness and spa areas
• Housing estate projects: District heating, family homes, etc.
• Timber processing plants: Joinery, furniture producers, etc.

The Innovative technology of HERZ BioFire


Parts description:

1. Combustion chamber module
2. Heat exchanger module
3. BioControl 3000 control, central control unit
4. Interm container with drop shaft and duel feed screw and fuel barrier layer
5. Automatic ignition using hot air fans
6. Combustion chamber made of SC fireproof concrete (Temperature resistance up to 1550OC) with step grate (2 zones) made of solid cast chromium steel. The fuel feed interval and 2 primary air zones can be controlled separately. The grate bars can be changed individually. Furthermore, the combustion chambers have 2 secondary air zones.
7. Standing pipe heat exchangers with tabulators and cleaning mechanism
8. Automatic flue and combustion monitoring, via lambda control
9. Frequency converter controlled including draught fan (on the dust chamber) with vacuum control in the combustion chamber
10. Ash discharge screw from the combustion chamber, including push floor conveyor
11. Ash discharge screw from the heat exchanger module
12. Ash container with wheels enable simple and convenient emptying of the ash. Central ash discharge is optional
13. Advanced flow connection on either side
14. Return flow connection on either side
15. Efficient heat insulation for low radiation losses