Biomass Systems

CHP Mechanical Services take great pride in the knowledge that all products used in our installations are of the highest quality hence the choice of the manufacturer Smart Heating which offers a range of boilers to cover both the domestic and commercial markets. The Smart Heating range utilises the latest in technology. The company is proud of its focus on modern, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly heating systems with the highest levels of comfort and convenience as well as being user friendly. By selecting a Smart Heating system customers are achieving a balance between quality, cost and sophistication.

Biomass systems (or Wood Pellet/Wood Chip Boiler) can reduce your heating bills by up to 40% against gas and oil. They are an economical way of heating your home with efficiency in excess of 90%. The boiler is a fully modulating boiler which burns wood pellets. The pellets/wood chips are normally delivered in bulk and blown into your pellet store, they are then transferred by an auger to the boiler.

The boiler operates on a time clock just the same as your oil or gas boiler, so you do not need to do anything more than you do with oil or gas with the exception of emptying the ash pan every 4 – 5 weeks.

For Domestic Installations: some of the considerations you must make when purchasing a wood pellet boiler are:

  • Have I got space for a 2.4m2 pellet store beside the proposed boiler location?
  • Will the pellet delivery lorry get within 15m of my pellet store?
  • Is the entrance to my property large enough to allow the pellet delivery lorry access? (Typical size of an oil tanker).


Benefits of a wood pellet boiler include:

  • Carbon neutral
  • Reduce heating bills by up to 40%
  • More stable fuel prices than oil or gas
  • Fully modulating boiler



Biomass Boilers 60–100 kW



Biomass Boilers 150 – 500 – 1500 kW




(Cabin Design 200 – 2000kW Brochure)

(Cabin Range Brochure)

(Prefabricated Biomass Boiler House Brochure)

Reduce installation time with a bespoke, prefabricated plant room

  • Complete Mobile Container solution
  • Hot water / Hot air heating option
  • Option of Oil/Gas Back up boiler
  • Special Emissions Filtration Unit option
  • Complete Hydraulic & Electric solution for heating multiple buildings
  • Complete Monitoring and Regulation for all heating circuits
  • Remote Monitoring and Control via the Internet/GSM
  • Instant notification of change in the heating operation



(Hydraulic Hatch Brochure)



Reduce installation time with a bespoke, prefabricated plant room

  • Single-wing / double-wing design for automatic filling and storage of biomass
  • Complete set of hydraulic pistons, hydraulic aggregate and mains
  • Weather resistant design with moisture exhaustion system
  • Design variant with supporting ramps and protective barriers
  • Remote control
  • Light and sound indication of movement and warning marking at full opening
  • Monitoring and indication of material level in the silo
  • Protection grid against falling into the silo
  • Service opening for emergency entry into the silo



(Air Heater Brochure)

Smart Air Heaters 360°

  • ABS Light Weight Body
  • 15-30 Metres 360° Air Flow
  • Stainless Steel Flaps for Airflow Regulation
  • Double Coated Exchanger
  • Capacity >10.000 m3 per hour
  • Heating/Drying without CO2 Production
  • Better Environment for Animals
  • Dry Heat resulting in dryer litter & therefore better animal welfare



(Hot Air Unit Brochure)

• Steel supporting pallet and covering structure
• Automatic Wood Pellet Boiler with automatic cleaning and deashing
• Efficiency >90 %
• Output Modulation 30–100 %
• 400 l fuel bin
• Electronically controlled Hot-Air fan unit with 0–270° movement
• Complete chimney set up
• Complete hydraulics supply
• Mobile phone control/Internet control



(Hot Air Unit Brochure)