Poultry House Installation


Six 99kw Biomass Boilers complete with 3,000 litre buffer tanks and gas boiler back up system.


“My father and I installed 6 biomass boilers on our farm at the beginning of 2014. We have replaced an outdated LPG brooder heating system with hot water heating and are now heating 6 poultry sheds by burning wood pellets. The environment within the sheds has improved dramatically and the RHI has given us a small additional income stream.

John Smyth from CHP Mechanical advised, installed and commissioned the 6 no 99kw boilers. The workmanship was first class with the finished job completed to an extremely high standard. The whole process from fitters first arriving on farm to the boilers being commissioned was less than 1 week per shed. In March 2015 we entered our farm into Action Renewables’ Awards competition and achieved – “Most Successful Renewable Heat Installation in NI 2015” – .

The boilers have performed above expectation over the first 12 months and what little back-up has been required has been provided within 24hrs. We are currently in planning for 2 additional poultry sheds into which we plan to install another 2 99kw boilers supplied and fitted by CHP Mechanical.”

-Tom Forgrave