Log Boilers

Log gasification boilers are a carbon neutral and highly efficient method of heating by burning logs in log gasification boilers.  The hot gases are not lost through the chimney, thus are super heated and mixed with air resulting in complete combustion which in turn leaves little or no ash.


The Herz Firestar is a wood log burning biomass boiler. With outputs ranging between 15kW and 40kW, it offers a more ‘hands on’ way of heating.

The boiler uses a double vortex combustion chamber set up is unique to the Firestar design and ensures that oxygen and combustion gases are mixed in the optimum way to produce a highly efficient combustion process. Add in the Lambda probe technology which measures combustion chamber emissions, and emission values are drastically lowered (as is fuel consumption).

Efficient and convenient heating using wood Simple, fast and user-friendly firing up without kindling. The very quiet running of the boiler is due to high quality system components. The large filling shaft for big logs guarantees a long burning time – of up to 8 hours with a full load (depending on boiler-type).
The greatest advantages of the HERZ firestar:


● Energy-saving combustion due to the unique double vortex combustion chamber
● Automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger – no work required
● Consistently high level of efficiency
● Simple removal of combustion & fly ash from the front – no side cleaning apertures
● Low ash accumulation due to optimum combustion


372dadd8-7b39-4854-b588-e761b0c793a7How it works

The boiler is filled with wood which burns efficiently heating a buffer tank which in turn stores the hot water until it is needed.  When the radiators or under-floor heating require hot water it is drawn from the buffer tank with a pump controlled by a time clock and mixing valve.

We can supply and fit a complete range of Log Boilers, please contact us for more information.