Poultry House Installations

Insulation and pump jackets


Four 99kw pellet boilers with associated buffer tank, controls and heaters at each site

On the outskirts of Ballynahinch these are mixed farms consisting of poultry broiler units with the remainder arable. The existing heating system in the poultry units consisted of oil fired heaters which were proving very expensive to operate.

CHP Mechanical Services were tasked with designing and installing a new wet heating system powered by biomass.  Both boilers operated from a single 30 tonne fuel store with twin auger adaptor. Each poultry unit has its own boiler and heating pipe network integrated into the existing poultry BMS panel.  Hot water is delivered at 80°C to two hot water heaters in each unit which in turn heats each poultry unit with warm air via a heater matrix and fan.

CHP Mechanical Services worked closely with the farmer to ensure all work was carried out to our usual high standard and complete within a given timeframe ensuring that the downtime was minimal and crops were not interrupted.


“With CHP Mechanical Services Ltd, we got exactly what we wanted; in fact, it was better than expected, which is not usually what happens,” said Mr Kane. “We had researched the pros and cons of installing a new system for around five years, and made the decision early last year. “Financially, it felt like the right time – and it has made a dramatic difference. Even without government help, this is the way to go.” Mr Kane praised the quality of workmanship provided by CHP Mechanical Services Ltd during the installation. “It was absolutely amazing,” he said.

“There was no fuss, no noises. John Smyth and his team did exactly what they said they would do, and they understood our business, which was very important. “In the poultry business, you don’t have a big window for this sort of work, but CHP Mechanical Services embraced this and they worked around us superbly, with no interruptions.”

Colin Kane