Why choose Hot Water Heating with Biomass?

There is a clear advantage gained by using a biomass boiler with a wet heating system in poultry units.

  • Zero carbon Monoxide levels giving a healthier working environment
  • Dryer litter, reducing bedding costs
  • Birds spread evenly over unit
  • Better environment for birds to thrive with reduced ammonia levels
  • Substantial savings with reduced fuel spend and SSRH grant payments
  • Reduced fire risk – no naked flame inside poultry unit



CHP Mechanical Services work closely with the client from the outset to ensure all work is carried out to a high standard and completed within a given timeframe ensuring that the downtime is kept to a minimum.

Having installed over 300 biomass boilers, the customer can have confidence in our qualified engineers who have over 50 years’ combined biomass experience. CHP Mechanical Services is also Gas Safe Registered, Construction Line Registered and has a European recognised Health and Safety Management System in place.

Each installation is tailored to the farmer’s specific requirements and a site visit takes place to ensure that the most cost effective system is put in place.

Biomass Boiler


CHP Mechanical Services take great pride in the knowledge that all products used in installation are of the highest quality and the biomass boiler used is Smart Heating. The Smart Heating range utilises the latest technology with boilers installed worldwide.

Advantages of SMART HEATING:

  •  Fully automatic, eco-friendly boiler manufactured to a high quality
  • Range 60 kW – 1500 kW
  • Simple Operation
  • Multiple fuels
  • Economic and ecological operation
  • Efficiency 95 %
  • Output modulation 30–100 %
  • Lambda sensor
  • Ceramic Burner Option/Vibrating Burner Plate Option
  • Low Maintenance & Service requirements
  • Heating circuits regulation
  • Cascade installation available
  • Mobile phone/Internet control
  • Automatic cleaning

After sales service:

  • Experienced and trained engineers for service and maintenance
  • Comprehensive stock of spare parts
  • Telephone support

What to expect from our installations:

CHP Mechanical Services only use equipment of the highest specification.

  •  High efficiency energy saving pumps
  • Kamstrup heat meters – Long-term stability and high accuracy is secured using ultrasonic technology. With no mechanical parts, the meter is maintenance-free ensuring low lifetime costs
  • Aluminium cladding for pipework in the boiler house and valve jackets and insulated covers on pumps minimising heat loss and directing heat to where it is required
  • Extra safety valves installed for preventative maintenance
  • Valve charts to allow easy diagnostics
  • Wood pellet/chip storage options to suit customer’s needs
  • Choice of heaters
  • Gas boiler system assist
  • Quality insulated buffer tanks