Underfloor Heating

CHP Mechanical Services have been supplying and installing under-floor heating for 12 years.  We have carried out over 200 installations to satisfied clients.

Under-floor heating works at a lower temperature than radiators (35oc – 55oc) as opposed to (65oc -70oc).  This means it is extremely efficient especially with heat pumps and condensing gas and oil boilers.

How it works:

Low temperature hot water is distributed through a network of pipes contained within your floor screed which are connected to a distribution manifold normally located in a central position in the house.  Due to the uniformed heat distribution you have an evenly heated floor with no cold spots or radiators taking up wall space.

Each room has a thermostat which controls the temperature in that room, offering multiple temperature control throughout the entire house.  Under-floor heating delivers radiant heat as opposed to radiators which deliver convection heat, this achieves a controlled and comfortable living environment




Benefits of Under-floor Heating

  • Energy efficient system
  • Uniform heat distribution with no cold spots
  • Compliments renewable heating systems
  • Low maintenance
  • Long life expectancy 50-100 years
  • Individual thermostatic room control
  • Freedom for interior design (no unsightly radiators)
  • Healthy and hygienic.